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Auto Insurance :: You Can Magically Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate

Our quotes always start with you and what you tell us. But with that in mind there are several tricks to saving on your car insurance.

Trick 1: Be a star driver!

It’s that easy. Keep a good driving record, follow the rules of the road, stay safe, always be aware of other drivers and pedestrians, and drive safely always mindful of your speed and driving conditions.

Trick 2: Be wise… Think about insurance BEFORE you buy a new vehicle.

We all have a dream car in mind. Perhaps, you’ve just found that sweetheart deal for some new wheels. But before you buy anything, talk to us! We can let you know all about the factors that may end up influencing your car insurance rate.

Trick 3: Be informed… It’s a fact: some vehicles just cost less to insure.

Where can you get that information? Well you can check with us or you can also check with the Insurance Bureau of Canada to find out how the vehicle you have in mind measures up. IBC also publishes a list on theTop 10 Most Stolen Cars in Canada, just sayin’. It’s good to be informed!

Trick 4: Be flexible… Choose the right coverage and the right deductible that suits you best.

Think about the kind of driver you are and then only carry as much coverage as you need. Also, increasing your deductable means you may pay less for insurance, but you need to ensure that your coverage fits your situation.

Trick 5: Be thorough and check EVERYTHING!

It’s all in the details, so check and double check all the information you have submitted. A quote is only as good as the information it’s based on and we want to make sure we are getting it right for you.

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