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Safety Aspects Of Personal Hovercraft

A recent development in hovercraft technology has enabled the growth of a family fun activity that just hasn't been available before. After the jet-ski fad, and quad bikes, we now have the exciting prospect of floating around on our own personal vehicle. Younger people love getting their thrills for fast machines, and hovercraft are no exception, but as we get older there are other considerations that become more pressing. Racing around when a teenager is great and necessary, but when we have a family, and thinking to buy four seater hovercraft our protective instincts kick in and we look for an altogether different experience in our fun time together.

Air cushioned vehicles might look pretty harmless, but they have to be treated with respect, just like any other device that can hurtle you along at up to 60km an hour. There are no wheels to hit obstacle on the ground, and it doesn't fly high in the air, so no danger of a fatal crash if power is lost, but there are a couple of things to consider that other means of transport just don't have. Most of the smaller hovercraft are turned by moving a set of handle bars, like a motorbike and simply throwing the body weight over to one side. As the only contact between the vehicle and the ground is air, then the reaction time to operator control is delayed.

For this reason, anticipation is key to successful operation, and very important if you have the family on board. The manufacturer will specify a maximum weight for your passenger load, which should not be exceeded. The load given may seem quite light, but an unfortunate fact is that it takes much more lift power to get a loaded craft off the the ground than to keep it hovering over the ground. On water it's even worse. Lifting off from water is called 'getting over the hump' and it's a particular problem for the design team.

Perhaps the most serious safety factor for a small vehicle is the phenomenon of 'plowing in'. This is when there may be waves when traveling over the surface of the sea which come into contact with the bow of the craft. A poorly designed hull and skirt arrangement can cause the whole assembly to dip into the water, with disastrous consequences. Imagine flying at 50km an hour and the front just drops and meets a solid wall of water. The occupants and everything not tied down would just be launched forwards, which is obviously a very bad situation for people, and particularly children.

Buying A Used Volkswagen Golf In Kent

If you live in Kent or the area, then you may be interested in buying a used Volkswagen Golf, and what features the vehicle has and how to find a reputable seller.

1. Reasons To Buy A Used Golf- There are many reasons why you should buy a used Volkswagen Golf, with one of them being that you can find one at a great price. Sure, you can purchase a brand new one, but if you want to save money, then you should buy a used one. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by buying a used Golf instead of a brand new one.

The Volkswagen Golf is known for being durable and reliable, even when it has already been previously owned. If you are a fan of the Golf and/or you're looking for a reliable vehicle and a durable one, then consider buying a used Golf in Kent. Even if the vehicle you buy has high miles on it, the chances are it will still last you for a longtime to come.

2. Features- There are a number of Golf models available, and they all have their own unique features, but some features may include a DAB radio, parking sensors, front fog lights and Bluetooth connectivity. All of those features can be found in the Golf S. Features such as a radiator grille, heated front seats and foldable door mirrors can be found in the Match BlueMotion Edition.

It doesn't matter what type of Volkswagen Golf vehicle you get, you can rest assure it will be packed with quality and useful features you will love.

3. Finding A Reputable Seller- If you want to buy a used Volkswagen Golf, then make sure you find a reputable and a good seller. What you want to do is go to a dealership that has a large selection of vehicles, including various Golf models. You want to choose a dealership that has good reviews about it, as well as one that offers warranties on their vehicles because the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on a Volkswagen Golf, only for something to go wrong with it.

Also, try to choose a dealership that is known for their prices. Many dealers sell Volkswagen Golfs at a good price, but some do sell them at high prices. Make sure you compare a few dealerships before you choose to buy a used Golf from one.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should buy a used Volkswagen Golf and you know how to find a reputable dealership. All you have to do now is find a good dealership in Kent and choose the right Golf for your needs. The sooner you shop around for Volkswagen Golf models, the sooner you will find one you want to buy.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Motorcycle Lessons

Riding on a motorcycle or a scooter, with the wind on your face and the wide open road ahead is one of the best feelings in the world. However, before you can experience such wonder, you will need to learn how to ride a motorcycle first.

Some people may think that anyone can learn to ride a scooter or motorbike all on their own. To some extent, this is true. However, if you want the best way to learn how to ride a motorbike, then proper lessons from a trained instructor is your best option. Why, well here are a couple of reasons:

Motorbike License Test

Before you can legally ride a motorcycle on the road, you first need to get your license. This means that you will have to take and pass an official test. If you want to ace that test, then a motorcycle lesson from a qualified instructor can help you will that.

This is because you will be learning from teachers that know the test inside-out, and imparts knowledge to you on how you can easily pass your motorcycle or scooter license test.

Bad Habits

This one of the biggest reasons why you should get motorcycle or scooter lessons from an excellent and experienced teacher. The problem with learning a bike on your own is you will most likely pick-up bad habits. Some of these bad habits may cause inefficiency for your motorcycle ride while some are dangerous and could cause you to have accidents while you are out riding.

Motorcycle lessons will teach you the proper way of riding a motorbike. And it will teach you to avoid common bad habits, which you will most likely need to unlearn in the future if you are to stay safe.


Motorcycles may be fun, but they can also be dangerous. To ensure that you learn all the safety precautions and safety maneuvers, its best that you learn from an experienced instructor. Yes, motorcycle or scooter lessons may cost money, but that is nothing compared to an accident because of motorcycle riding bad habits or plain ignorance of the safety measures.

The Bottom Line

A motorcycle or scooter is a beautiful and fun piece of machinery. However, you will need to learn how to ride it properly to avoid accidents, and so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The best way to do that is through motorcycle lessons or training course. On top of that, your motorcycle instructor can help you ace that bike test if you need help in that area.

What Exactly Is A Marine Battery?

If you have a vehicle, you know that you have a battery under the hood that is used to get your car started. It actually provides the electricity that is necessary for the spark plugs in order to ignite the engine. Once the motor is running, the battery is no longer needed, and can be recharged once the alternator start spinning. The same is true for batteries that are used in boats. This type of battery is called a lead acid battery, a type of battery that is rechargeable and was invented back in the 1800s. They are very inexpensive, and have an energy to weight ratio that is extremely low, which is why we continue to use them in both cars and boats around the world. The ones that are installed in boats are a little different, and are often referred to as a marine battery. Let's look at how these are made, and what they actually do for boats that are operated today.

An Overview Of A Marine Battery

A Marine battery is a deep cycle battery, one that is specifically designed to be regularly discharged, expending most of the latent electrical energy. This is very different from automotive batteries which are designed to deliver a burst of electricity with the purpose of cranking the engine, whereas a Marine battery does not discharge electricity in that manner. Whether you are using a file of regulated or flooded lead acid battery, both of these will help start any boat. They are designed with thicker every plates, and therefore the discharge cycles will be much different, often used in trolling motors in recreational fishing boats today.

Which One Is Better?

If you have a flooded battery, one that contains electrolyte fluid which will completely submerge the plates, these will work but require regular maintenance to ensure that the plates are fully submerged. Most of the Marine batteries that are used today are made from recycled material, and as a result of this, they are much more cost effective than ever before. Valve regulated batteries actually come into different forms. You can get those with gel or absorbed glass mat construction. Both of these work very well, with the primary difference being the cost, and also how much more maintenance you will have to put into the batteries so that they will last for an extended time.

People that have fishing boats, or any type of recreational boat, will have one of these batteries on board. They are designed to last for a much longer period of time than a lead acid battery for vehicles that drive on the road, but they can be more expensive due to their size and the different materials that are used to construct them. By searching the web, you should be able to find great discounts on these batteries which can cost as much as $300 or more. Take advantage of the savings that you can get from major retailers, or simply drive to the location to pick one up after ordering online.


Hovercraft Used For Rescue And Survey.

Most countries have one or more services funded by the government or by the public, which provide help for people in danger from natural disaster or other kinds of life threatening accidents. Such services have a variety of marine and land vehicles at their disposal, and depending on their local environment. Air cushioned vehicles, or hovercraft as they are commonly known, can provided a flexibility not matched by other modes of transport.

Imagine a plane crash somewhere over the Russian steps. Thee weather is bad and the visibility over 1000 feet is very bad, with strong gusting winds. The terrain is sometimes frozen and sometime marshy, making it very difficult for a wheeled vehicle to navigate. A helicopter couldn't get close in those conditions and ground vehicles have been ruled out. Why not use an ACV that floats about a foot over the ground? Marshy and icy surfaces mean nothing to a vehicle that rises above them, so it's a perfect choice.

Many locations are next to lakes or large bodies of water. Of course, rescue operations for these locations will already have boats ready to do the job, but what about a northern clime in winter time? A boat would simply not do the job in the northern end of Lake Michigan when ice covers much of the surface area. In this situation, a hovercraft would be ideal and many rescue team leaders are starting to realize this and more than makes up for the cost of buying a hovercraft

Survey exploration of vast territories is another situation where an air cushioned vehicle can perform well. It's not sure that any studies have been done to ascertain the economic virtues, but it's certain that hovercraft manufacturers will have the right information to hand. Marine craft and small boats tend to use two stroke engines, which run on a mixture of petrol and oil. In this way, they don't need a separate oil reservoir, so there is a small cost saving here. On the downside, they are less smooth than a four stroke engine.

The four stroke petrol engine is generally quieter, particularly if water cooled, because the engine is surrounded by a water jacket. A powerful four stroke motor can easily provided both upward and forward thrust through a system of ducts which separate the air flow to the area under the skirt and behind the craft. Larger hovercraft would need more than one engine of course, but a small single engined version could rapidly travel to an accident site and bring back two or more accident victims.

Fitting A New Car Battery.

Typical clues your car battery is about to give up are alternator problems, slow starting, electrical issues, lamps dimming,or already having had to jump your car.

Maybe you didn't observe or there were no signs of your car battery breaking down and you find yourself stranded at work, it may be worth finding a car battery replacement service in your area.

You may want to change the car battery on your own. The following is a general guide on how to replace it yourself. Before attempting to change Its suggested to look at the vehicle manufacturers guidance for your individual car.

If you have never replaced a car battery before, or your vehicle has particular needs like battery registration, you may be better to get car battery installation specialist to accomplish the task for you.

Things to consider is that most modern cars are very electrical dependent and store settings for electrical components,windows, roofs, and radios.

If you detach your battery without any an external power back up you may lose these configurations.

Cars installed with Stop/Start systems and some other modern vehicles that have particular charging systems that keep track of the power level coming from the alternator to battery, need brand-new batteries to be registered with the car.

These battery registration tools are expensive, and while you may be able to take the car to a nearby repair shop that has the hardware, they may well unwilling to register the new battery as they did not fit it.

In case your vehicle is equipped with the new AGM style battery it must be replaced with the exact same sort and not a traditional lead acid sort as this will occasionally create electronic issues and possible premature battery malfunction.

Verify you have the right automotive battery for your car prior to attempting to switch it out, most batteries have a sticker probably on the top or side that contains the battery amps, battery sort and battery cranking on it.

Battery Replacement Approach

Every thing Switched Off (First Step).

See to it that all of the your car electrics are switched off and keys are taken out from the ignition.

Locate the car battery (Second Step).

Depending on your car type the following are some of the most regular battery places, underneath the seats, bonnet, and in the boot area.

Take away battery hold downs (Third Step).

Your battery may probably have a bracket over the top or a small hold down at the base fixing the battery into place. These are normally held down with 8mm,10 mm, or 13mm bolts or nuts, a long socket and bar set could be called for.

Beware as cars age the hold downs can easily get corroded, which can consist of having to change the battery holder. (Apply some fast release substance on it if they look corroded).

Connect External Power (Fourth Step).

Hook up the battery memory saver to the car if vehicle electrical configurations have not already been lost as a result of a dead battery. Make sure you adhere to the tool producers information on the best way to do this.

Removing The Used Automotive Battery (Fifth Step).

When you disconnect the dead battery, if you have a battery memory saver hooked up the battery terminals are going to still be live.

When unfastened, you will have to make certain that the terminals do not enter into contact with another metal surface. Upon taking off endeavour to cover them using a non conductive item.

Most vehicle battery terminals use 8mm,10 mm,13 mm nuts these could generally be undone with a wrench.

Disconnecting the terminals.

(Negative Terminal 1st).

The primary terminal to remove will be the negative that has the - (minus) icon on it or the battery area itself.

(Positive Terminal 2nd).

Then remove the positive terminal that has the + (plus) icon on it or the battery itself.

Once you have the terminals detached transfer them out of the way so you have full access to extract the battery (make sure that not to make it possible for the detached terminals touch anything). A few vehicle batteries also have a gas venting out line connected, this should be detached before extraction.

Connecting the new automotive battery (Sixth Step).

See to it that the battery place is clear and clean, then verify the battery terminals are out of the way and place the automotive battery back into location.

(Connect the Positive Terminal 1st).

Take away the non-conductive protection from the positive battery terminal and attach to the positive terminal on the battery. Make sure it is secure and then re tighten.

(Connect the Negative Terminal 2nd).

Take away the non-conductive cover from the negative battery terminal and attach the negative terminal on the battery. Ensure to push it down and afterwards re tighten. In the event that you have a battery gas ventilation pipe reconnect to the new battery.

Remove the external power/battery memory saver (Seventh Step).

When you are happy that your new car battery is attached you may now remove the battery memory saver tool. (Do Turn On Or Start The Car With The Battery Memory Saver Still Hooked up).

Start the car (Eighth Step).

You may now start the car to verify everything is working, when you are happy the new battery is connected and the battery saver is removed.

Refit the battery hold downs (Ninth Step).

Once you have started the car and all is ok refit the battery brackets making sure you do not make connection with the battery terminals.

Stop/Start and Batteries Requiring Registration (Tenth Step).

Car batteries that involves battery registration you could now link the battery registration hardware and perform the process.

Sell Your Used Car On The Internet

Do you have a car that you are ready to sell? If so, the internet is the best place to do it. Placing your car for sale on the internet offers many benefits and you may be asking yourself why. Well, here are the reasons that you should consider posting your car online to sell it fast.

First of all, the internet has a huge marketplace. Millions and millions of people are online every single hour of every single day. With the right vehicle and advertising, you can get your car, truck, van, or SUV seen by even a fraction of internet users. That is a huge amount of prospective buyers just looking at your car and thinking about buying it. Imagine if you didn't post your vehicle online. Would you have that many views on it? Not nearly as many as if you post it online to sale it quickly.

Next, if you are planing to start selling your used car on the internet it allows you to share as much information about the vehicle as possible. In other car selling options, you are limited to the amount of information you can share, but not when you choose an online option. When selling a car, you want the prospective buyers to see each and every detail so they can make an informed decision. The more you can share about the used car for sale on the internet, the better and more likely you are to sale it for a great price. Also, this can save you a lot of time instead of people contacting you to ask for these details.

Also, with a bigger marketplace, you can sell your used car online for more money. With more people seeing your vehicle, that will mean more people will likely want it. The more popular your vehicle is, the more profit it will bring.

Depending on where you list your car online, you may be able to sell it quicker than other methods. Again, more people will see it and that will mean more people will likely want to purchase the vehicle. This can work out nicely in your favor.

As you can see, selling your used car online is a great option. There will be more prospective buyers for your vehicle, you can sell it quickly, and for more money. Not only that, but you can share several pictures and a lot of information about the used car to sell it quicker.

Car Maintenance

Motor vehicle maintenance is not something that should be taken for granted. It is a fact that over 80% of all road related accidents are as a result of poorly maintained vehicles. Vehicles like any other machinery require proper maintenance to ensure that they sustain safety, durability, performance and reliability. Your Driving Schools Glasgow should have taught you about basic car maintenance when you learnt to drive.

Regular car maintenance as a safety measure.

Constantly checking the vehicles parts and systems goes a long way in ensuring that you as the driver or owner remain safe while driving. It is not strange to hear that an accident was caused as a result failed brakes or a loose wheel bolts or nuts.

To prevent such life-threatening situation, it is always wise to carry out regular checks. There is a variety of simple checks and safety precautions that are available to ensure that you are secure and comfortable as you drive your car.

You can have the braking system checked. Adjustments on the brakes can be done through a process called bleeding that ensures that there are no air bubbles in the braking fluid that would cause the brakes to fail. Regular changing of worn out brake pads should also be done to ensure a safe and secure braking system.

Constant tightening of wheel bolts and nuts is another safety maintenance procedure. This ensures that the wheels are fastened eliminating the chances of these wheels coming off while driving.

Regular motor vehicle checks to ensure the reliability of the car.

Nobody desires to have a car that keeps on breaking down whenever you are out on a ride. As a driver, you want to be sure that the vehicle can take you to the desired destination with little or no drama. The only way to ensure that your vehicle is reliable is having regular servicing done on it.

Reliability checks involve inspecting several car systems. You can start by checking the wheels for tear and wear. Having worn out tires may just cost you night out resulting from tire bursts. Regularly checking the headlights and the battery is also very crucial. You really do not want to drive at night with no lights and on low battery power. It can be a very frightening ordeal.

Other checks such as wheel alignment and windshield wipers checks are very important. Driving in the rain with no wipers can hinder visibility to almost zero percent and can be dangerous. Wheel alignment ensures that the vehicle remains stable.

Regular checks ensure the performance of the vehicle is maintained.

Regularly servicing of an automobile has a positive effect on the performance of the vehicle. As a driver, you really want the vehicle to be at its optimum performance potential. By having the vehicle constantly checked and upgraded, performance will always be top notch.

For great performance experience, there have to be regular engine oil changes. The transmission fluid should also be changed. The constant change of the spark plugs also goes a long way in maintaining the performance of the vehicle.

The fuel and oil filters should also be checked for cleaning or replacement. Other things that should be inspected in relation to performance are the timing belts and the engine coolant.

Ensuring durability of a vehicle through regular car maintenance.

All the efforts put while servicing the vehicle are all geared towards prolonging its durability. Most people attach sentimental value to their very first car and would really want to drive it for a long time. Having the car regularly maintained ensure that it lasts longer, and hence you can have the opportunity to use it for a very long time.

Regularly having your car checked can save you a lot of money and time in the future. Vehicles do a lot for us, and we should at least have the decency of having them well maintained.