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Gas Powered Vehicles In The Courier Industry

While there are major car manufacturers out there making hybrid and electric vehicles, gas powered vehicles are ever present on the UK roads. Environmental activists see the number of gas powered vehicles on the UK roads a problem because gasoline is a fossil fuel with limited supplies that produces harmful emissions when it is burned. Just like owning any type of car, driving a gas powered vehicle will have its benefits and drawbacks. Hybrid and electric vehicles are what is new right now however, even though there is a large number of these vehicles on the roads, gas powered vehicles appear to be the king of the road. One of the major benefits people like gas powered vehicles is they are environmental friendly. Gas powered vehicles have been around the UK streets for a very long time and below is a list of the benefits and drawbacks to the courier industry.

Pros of gas powered vehicles

1. It is cost effective

Gas powered vehicles are considered cheaper than hybrid and electric vehicles because for manufacturers to put out hybrid vehicles for example, plenty of research and development needs to be done which costs plenty of money. When a gas powered vehicle breaks down, it can easily be fixed by someone with a good knowledge of cars at a very affordable price while hybrid cars and electric vehicles need to be taken to a specialist.

2. Gas powered vehicles cover wider distances

What makes gas powered vehicles different from others is the distance which they can travel. Gas powered vehicles will always travel longer distances for example, a 20 gallon gas tank on a vehicle has an average fuel economy of 20 miles per gallon. This means gas powered vehicles can travel up to 400 miles before being refuelled.

3. Gas powered vehicles have greater raw power

When compared to hybrid vehicles, gas powered vehicles can become very powerful when one customises them for fuel efficiency. Doing so gives the vehicle more horsepower on the roads which many drivers like.

Cons of gas powered vehicles

1. Pollution

Due to rising temperatures caused by global warming, the world is putting plenty of emphasis on reducing chemicals that harm the ozone layer. This has led to many manufacturers redefining the way their cars operate by making them environmental friendly as most gas powered vehicles are known to harm the environment.

2. Health hazard

Gas powered vehicles do not only harm the environment as mentioned above, they also cause a serious health risk to people too. When people are filling up the tank, they are exposed to gas and worse things can happen if there is gas leak in the engine. High levels of chemical taken in from gas can cause cancer and inhaling the fumes can lead to dizziness, headaches, breathing problems and confusion.


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