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Fleet Insurance Quote: Maintaining Your Fleets Road Worthiness

Having well-maintained vehicles in your fleet can help you get favourable fleet insurance quotes. Thus, it is important that your entire fleet is ready to run efficiently and smoothly all the time. Part of the responsibility of your fleet manager is to make sure that your vehicles have sufficient and appropriate insurance, they are properly maintained, and any damage sustained is fixed the soonest time possible. The fleet manager is also responsible for ensuring that all your vehicles are roadworthy, which means they are always safe to take out for a drive. So, how can you keep your fleet well-maintained and never road unworthy?

Perform Regular Vehicle Inspections

To determine the road worthiness of the vehicles in your fleet, various types of inspections need to be done. First, make it a habit to do a walk around every day. Assign a responsible person for this task, ideally one of your designated drivers. The test is intended to flush out any defects or faults that may be present in the vehicle before it is driven on the road. Aside from the daily check, a first use safety inspection is also important. This is particularly useful if you borrow or lease cars. It must be done each time a unit is brought into your fleet. Several factors determine the amount of safety checks you need to carry out. These include the vehicles age, the load it is typically made to carry, the distance usually travelled, as well as the fleets operating environment.

Training Is Crucial

Make sure that your designated drivers are given high quality training. By law, drivers are required to make assessments and report any faults or problems discovered in their vehicles. Thus, you must make sure that they are trained for the task. After providing your drivers with the necessary training, have them sign a document to acknowledge the training they got, and that they assume responsibility to carry out their own inspections.

Ask for Detailed Reports

Have a system in place for reporting and recording faults since it is important that they are logged as soon as they are discovered. They should likewise be addressed as soon as possible. All routine maintenance check-ups and repairs must also be sufficiently reported for use as future reference.


By following the suggestions given in this post, business owners and fleet managers should encounter smooth sailing with their vehicles. The fleet would be roadworthy at all times as long as regular checks are done and sufficient high quality training is provided. In addition, having the right kind of insurance coverage will give you more security and peace of mind. After all, having insufficient or the wrong type of insurance can cost you a significant amount of money, not to mention brushes with the law. This is why it is important to work only with the right insurance service provider. Contact prospective insurers as soon as possible and ask for a fleet insurance quote. Fleet insurance offers not just savings, but convenience as well.


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