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Car Roof Bars & Choices

We are leaders in the industry of aftermarket car accessories and we've focused greatly on giving customers the perfect accessories for their cars. In particular, we've guided so many of our customers to choosing the perfect roof bars for their vehicles. 

Here's the information you need before getting your cars roof bars.

Vehicle types and materials

Our car roof bars are made of either aluminum or steel. Steel bars are the much cheaper option, but you can get more benefits if you go for aluminum bars. Aluminum roof bars are the sturdier type and they can give more savings when it comes to fuel consumption and decreasing your mileage. You may also consider our rain gutter offerings.

Our roof bars support many car brands and models including roof bars to fit Honda, Volvo, Toyota, Citroen and Mitsubishi. Car types should be caravans, cars and 4x4 vehicles.

Considerations when choosing a roof bar

When shopping with us, take note of the high quality of our products. Our roof bars for instance are sourced only from excellent suppliers known to have the best reputation in the industry.

How do you know that a roof bar is good for your car?

  • The roof bar is light but is able to handle big loads.
  • The material is durable.
  • It will not rust easily when exposed to elements.
  • It has the right height. If you have to park your car in an underground basement, will the combined heights of the bar and the load present any problem?
  •  Installing the roof bars will not damage your cars painting. Is it easy to install and take it off?

Rail types and materials

We'll be happy to guide you through the process. Please be informed that there are rail types to consider. You need to check first the attachment type on the top of your car.

  • Raised rails  This type is the 'hanging' type. There's a gap between the rails and the car roof.
  • Fixed point - There are particular points where the bars will be attached.
  • Solid rails - The same as the raised. The only difference is that the rails are touching the roof rather than hanging above it.

If your car is one of the older models, please look at our rain gutter options. We also have the type where the bars are connected to the doorjamb instead.


  • If your roof bars tend to produce sounds when the car is driven, you can lessen the noise by adjusting the fitting or consider tying a rope around them. This will lessen the annoying sound.
  • Put a little amount of oil on the attachment points. It will make removing the bars off the car much easier.


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