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Best Electric Cars To Buy In 2017

If you are the great fan of sports cars and would like to buy one at some point in your life then this post may prove to be a useful one for you. Here we have tried to bring to you some of the best sports cars that run on electricity. Wouldn't it be a nicer and cost effective thing? Well, it is. These cars are considerably cheaper than any other sports car which runs only on petrol or diesel.
So, if you are looking to buy an affordable yet unique sports car, you can certainly pick one from below.

1) BMW i8

You can blindly consider BMW i8 as the future car model. This is probably an example of how the cars in future will look and perform like. It has an electric motor which is capable of generating 131 horsepower and 184 ft-lb torque. Capable of attaining a speed of 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, it is the best car you can buy this year. The best part is the car also has a 1.5 liters three cylinders engine which generates 231 horsepower of energy and a good to go for option for people who want performance and efficiency in a single package. Hence, you can simply switch to any mode anytime you want. It is available for $136,500.


Ferrari has never failed to astonish the world with their sports car. Here is another one of such amazing creations of the world popular manufacturer. The car is powered by 6.2 Liters V12 engine, generating 788 horsepower along with an electric motor generating 147 horsepower. So buyers have the option to switch to any of the engine modes. If you are thinking about getting an electric sports car, this might be the right option for you at just $1.7 million.

3) AUDI R8 e-Tron

This version is just the same as Audi R8 but it has an electric motor in it. Audi is expecting to soon launch the car this year. It can reach a maximum speed of 155 mph with the capacity to reach 0 to 60 in 4 sec. It also comes with a battery which will allow you to drive the car at 280 km when it is fully charged. Although, the price is not disclosed by the manufacturer but still you can keep it in your wish-list.


With 176 horsepower electric engine and 730 horsepower V8 engine, McLaren P1 generates a total output of 903 horsepower. If you select a car based on its performance then McLaren is the one for you. It can attain a top speed of 217 mph. The electric motor is backed by Lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable. It comes with price tag of $1.5 million.


Porsche is always considered as the brand which can provide you with high power automobile. Its 918 Spyder model is another one of the great inventions by the popular German automobile manufacturer. The car runs partly on an electric motor and a 4.6 Liters V8 engine. With a total of 887 horsepower and 944 ft-lb torque, the car can achieve the top speed of 210 miles per hour. The reasonable price tag of $845,000 makes it an ideal car to buy if you are looking for an electric sports car.
Do not forget to watch the following video also, discussing about best electronic supercars.


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